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    STEP carefully designs and precision manufactures the best hockey blades that money can buy. Available in unique finishes and metals, our blades will give you complete confidence in every move you make on the ice.

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Carbon Technology for Optimal Glide

Working with our suppliers, we’ve developed a method of hardening the surface of our blades by adding a layer of carbon nanoparticles. This new technology, used by NASA, delivers the lowest coefficient of friction available in a hockey blade—which means you get optimal glide for less effort during each and every game. Save your energy for when you need it most and give yourself an edge over your opponent. In addition, the mirror finish and the hardness of the steel help your blade keep its edge longer, even on impact with other pieces of equipment. And that means less sharpening and longer blade life.
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Exceptional Mirror Finish for a Cleaner Edge

The V-STEEL’s mirror finish, obtained through extreme polishing, gives this stainless steel blade a truly optimal edge. This innovation, exclusive to STEP, has taken the hockey world by storm, winning over the pros with a superb glide that delivers greater speed and enhanced turning and stopping performance. The polished blade surface also improves edge retention to give you an on-ice advantage that really lasts.
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Better Performance than the Originals

We built our reputation for excellence on the STEP STEEL blade—which outperforms regular blades hands down. The STEP STEEL’s high-precision raised profile will significantly increase your confidence in your turns and strides. With this innovative design, introduced by STEP in 2005, you’ll dominate the rink and be able to make sharper turns, giving you an advantage on the ice.
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