with Performance

Hockey has seen some major technical developments that have increased the agility, safety, and performance of both professional and recreational players. Despite all these improvements, the skate blade—one of the most important pieces of hockey equipment—hasn't seen any significant developments or refinements.

Yet skate blades are the only point of contact between you and the ice.

At STEP, we view skate blades as high-precision tools. Since 2005, our obsession with performance has driven us to re-examine each and every element that has an impact on blade performance. The resulting blades outperform regular blades, hands down. The interaction between your talent and the ice is what inspires us to craft these outstanding blades.

Whether it's for hockey, figure skating, or downhill skating, the men and women who choose STEP blades immediately feel the difference: better control, better precision, and absolute confidence in the ability to give their very best performance.

Many manufacturers have tried to imitate us, but none have managed to rival the excellence of our blades. Find out how we make the best hockey and figure skating performance blades in the world.

Choosing STEP means:

  • Maximum precisionOptimal control
  • Superior glideGreater confidence
  • Blade profile consistency
  • Blades blanked using a numerically controlled mill
  • The highest level of precision in the industry


When it comes to blades, there is nothing that out performs STEP STEEL. The quality of the material, consistent thickness, and consistent shapes, provide my players with tremendous confidence.
Paul BoyerHead Equipment Manager
Detroit Red Wings
Paul Bower
We switched to STEP BLACKSTEEL looking for a blade that holds a sharpening longer. I was surprised when the guys said they felt faster, not only when gliding, but more powerful strides as well. Another bonus is the ease of sharpening these blades.

Glad STEP is on our team!
Keith RobinsonHead Equipment Manager
Boston Bruins
Keith Robinson
Using a special edge (inside out edge) and using my blades against the posts to push across the crease quite often (reverse VH), I need a strong blade that won't lose its edge during the game. That's exactly what the STEP BLACKSTEEL blades bring to my game. Now I can play with no worries that I will need to get my skate sharpen between periods, or use a honing stone during t.v. breaks. Thank you to STEP for the confidence boost!
Frédérick Cloutier# 29, KooKoo Kouvola,
Finnish Elite League
Frédérick Cloutier
Step steel blades give me better edge, I feel more aggressive. Also very resistant against kicks to the posts which are in now days goaltending pretty often.

Plus as a smaller goalie makes me little bit higher.
Luka Gracnar# 33, Ec Red Bull Salzburg,
ERSTE BANK Eishockey
Liga d'Autriche
Luka Gracnar